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First name

Family/blog name

Research scientist?
...and Then There's Physics South African in Scotland a thoughtful discussion on a variety of topics. Not usually too technical for the average reader. x ATTP x
A Few Things Ill Considered Tasmanian based Coby Beck has been blogging since 2006. Author of the excellent series: “How to talk to a climate sceptic” - a form Skeptical Science adopted later on. Coby
Arctic Sea Ice The best known blog on Arctic Sea Ice, by Neven. Excellent maps, analysis and insight. x Neven x
Bad Astronomy Phil Plait x
Bogology specialist website and blog about the science of peatlands and past climate change. Run by scientists. x x x
BoM (Australia) blog the blog of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Australia's main weather and climate service. Run by scientists. x Bureau of Meteorology x
Cassandra's Legacy blog of the inimitable Prof Ugo Bardi, and is “dedicated to exploring the future of humankind”. Run by scientists. Ugo Bardi x
Climate Code Red run by DJ Spratt, Climate activist, author, blogger. Incorporates science, politics and grass roots activism in Victoria, Australia. DJ Spratt x
Climate Denial Crock of the Week Peter Sinclair is known for his quality videos and insightful debunking, with humour. Peter Sinclair x
Climate Lab Book Ed Hawkin's blog, with excellent articles from him and his guests. Science by scientists for the layperson. Run by scientists. Ed Hawkins x
Critical Angle the blog of the always thought provoking Andy Skuce, a contributor at Andy Skuce x
Deltoid Australian Tim Lambert's blog, author of Australian's War on Science series. Tim's absent, but his blog is still thriving. Tim Lambert x
DenialDepot often mistaken for a denier website because of it's uncanny satire. x Denial Depot x
DeSmogBlog Running since 2006, known as the leading source of information about global warming misinformation campaigns. US based, now international. x DeSmogBlog x
Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog arguably the best weather blog on the internet. US based but with a global view of weather events. Run by scientists. Jeff Masters x
Dr. Ricky Rood's Climate Change Blog as above, with Ricky Rood more in Ricky Rood x
Eve of Disruption Australia's Mike Marriott, of Watching the Deniers, is now “exploring society’s response to climate change, resource scarcity, etc…” Mike Marriott x
Graham Readfearn Australian based (ex UK) journalist, who writes for The Guardian, DeSmogBlog and other media. Graham Readfearn x
Greg Laden's Blog US based scientist, author Greg Laden x
Hot Topic New Zealand author and climate activist Gareth Renowden. Dogged and perceptive, with a good sense of humour. Gareth Renowden x
HotWhopper replacing wacky climate conspiracy theories with science. Lots of snark and poking fun at the ridiculous. Run by Sou, another Australian. x Sou x
Idiot Tracker demolishing pseudo science, with analytical precision and a quirky sense of humour. x Idiot Tracker x
Isaac Held's Blog great resource for people interested in climate modeling. Some maths an advantage. Run by scientists. Isaac Held x
izen climate articles and more music, video and graphics. x izen x
Met Office News Blog the blog of the UK Met Office. Run by scientists. x UK Met Office x
More Grumbine Science Robert Grumbine's excellent blog about climate science, with thoughtful articles that go beyond straight science. Run by scientists. Robert Grumbine x
Musings on Quantitative Palaeoecology Richard Telford's wonderful blog with in depth articles about ecology and paleoenvironments. Run by scientists. Richard Telford x
New Anthropocene Moth's blog about climate, politics and society from an Australian perspective. x Moth x
Nick Stokes at Moyhu Nick tells you everything you need to know about temperature of the surface and air. Another Australian.Run by scientists. Nick Stokes x
Only In It For The Gold Michael Tobis' blog about climate, plus. Challenging your view of the world. Run by scientists. Michael Tobis x
Open Mind Tamino will help you learn about statistics, particularly as applied to temperature, sea level, ice and more. Run by scientists. x Tamino x
Rabett Run Eli Rabett talks about climate and climate politics. Now has a team of regular contributors. Enjoy the musical interludes, too. Run by scientists. Eli Rabett x
Real Skeptic x Collin Maessen x
RealClimate x Gavin Schmidt x
Shaping Tomorrow's World x Stephan Lewandowsky x
Significant Figures by Peter Gleick x Peter Gleick x
Skeptical Science x John Cook x
Sophie C. Lewis x Sophie Lewis x
Stoat x William Connolley x
teachingfuturescientists x x x x
uknowispeaksense x x x x
Unfinished Progress x x x x
Variable Variability x Victor Venema x
What'sUpWithThatWatts, et al. x x Citizen's Challenge x