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====== Dealing with denialism ====== ===== How to talk to a climate change denier ===== from visionontv Communications expert George Marshall offers six strategies for talking to people who don't accept that climate change is happening Drawing on his workshops in climate communications and the latest social research he proposes a respectful approach that responds to their interests and values. He says that you should keep away from an argument about the science and concentrate on the personal journey that led you to accept the problem. {{youtube>Qp-nJKBwQR4?large}} ===== UQx Denial101x Making Sense of Climate Science Denial ===== A magnificent [[|collection of videos from the Denial101x series]], created as part of the MOOC on EdX. ===== Climate Crocks - Greenman3610 ===== Another brilliant [[|collection of videos]] from Peter Sinclair, of [[|Climate Crocks fame]]. Knocking down the nonsense of Climate denial. ===== Potholer54 series ===== Top quality [[|series of videos]] by British journalist Peter Haddam aka Potholer54.