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====== Climate Change Blogs ====== This is a table of climate blogs. For other websites and climate references, go to the main [[:climate_resources|Climate Resources]] page. In the table below, the link to the website is in the first column on the left. You can sort the table by clicking the top row of the column by which you want to sort. The <font inherit/inherit;;#FFFFFF;;#808080>Run by</font> column on the right hand side shows the academic discipline of the blog owner, where they are actively engaged in research (or have been in the past). If you want to correct an entry, send an email to Sou at The list is by no means exhaustive. To have a blog added, post the details and a link in the [[|Suggestions and Feedback]] section of HotWhopper Chat. Registered Wiki users can add entries by right clicking a row in the table and adding a row above or below the selected row. (Try to keep the list in alphabetical order by website.) <sortable> ^Website^Description^First name^Last name or blog identity^Run by:| |[[|AGW Observer]]|Ari Jokimäki's blog has all the latest climate science research papers listed. It is updated several times a week making it the “go to” website to keep up with new research. Ari also contributes to [[|]].|Ari|Jokimäki|.| |[[|All Models are Wrong]]|A PLOS blog by UK climate scientist Tamsin Edwards. |Tamsin|Edwards|Climate scientist| |[[|...and Then There's Physics ]]|A thoughtful discussion on a variety of topics. Not usually too technical for the average reader.| |ATTP|Astronomer| |[[|A Few Things Ill Considered]]|Tasmanian based Coby Beck has been blogging since 2006. Author of the excellent series: “[[|How to talk to a climate sceptic]]” - a form Skeptical Science adopted later on.|Coby|Beck.|.| |[[|Arctic Sea Ice ]]|The best known blog on Arctic Sea Ice, by Neven. Excellent maps, analysis and insight.| |Neven|.| |[[|Bad Astronomy]]|Astronomer, teacher, lecturer and "all-around science junkie", who now writes for Slate, often on climate.|Phil|Plait|Astronomer| |[[|Bogology ]]|Specialist website and blog about the science of peatlands and past climate change from Matt Amesbury and Tom Roland.|Matt|Amesbury|Bogologists| |[[|BoM (Australia) blog ]]|The blog of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, Australia's main weather and climate service.|.|Bureau of Meteorology|Meteorologist| |[[|Cassandra's Legacy ]]|Blog of the inimitable Prof Ugo Bardi, it is “dedicated to exploring the future of humankind”.|Ugo|Bardi|Climate scientist, chemist| |[[|Climate Change: The Next Generation]]|Tenney Naumer has a lot of interesting items you won't easily find elsewhere.|Tenney|Naumer| | |[[|Climate Code Red ]]|Run by DJ Spratt, Climate activist, author, blogger. Incorporates science, politics and grass roots activism in Victoria, Australia.|David J|Spratt|.| |[[|Climate Denial Crock of the Week ]]|Peter Sinclair is known for his quality videos and insightful debunking, with humour.|Peter|Sinclair|.| |[[|Climate Lab Book ]]|Ed Hawkin's blog, with quality articles from him and his guests. Science by scientists for the layperson.|Ed|Hawkins|Climate scientist| |[[|Climate Progress at Think Progress]]|Joe Romm and others from Think Progress have articles about climate change, climate politics, renewable technology and more. Multiple articles a day. High quality. US focused mainly, but not totally.|Joe|Romm|Climate scientist, Energy policy| |[[|Critical Angle ]]|The blog of the always thought provoking Andy Skuce, a contributor at|Andy|Skuce|.| |[[|Dan's Wild Wild Science Journal]]|Dan Satterfield has been blogging on the AGU blogosphere for many years and is a must read.|Dan|Satterfield|Meteorologist| |[[|Deltoid]]|Australian Tim Lambert's blog, author of [[|Australian's War on Science series]]. Tim's absent, but his blog is still thriving.|Tim|Lambert|Computer scientist| |[[|DenialDepot ]]|Often mistaken for a denier website because of it's brilliant parody. New articles are infrequent, however most have stood the test of time.|.|Denial Depot|.| |[[|DeSmogBlog ]]|Running since 2006, known as the leading source of information about global warming misinformation campaigns. US based, now international.|.|DeSmogBlog|.| |[[|Dr. Jeff Masters' WunderBlog ]]|Arguably the best weather blog on the internet. US based but with a global view of weather events.|Jeff|Masters|Meteorologist| |[[|Dr. Ricky Rood's Climate Change Blog ]]|Ricky Rood's interests include climate change problem solving. He melds the science of what is happening now, with one extreme event after another, with the practicalities of how people/societies are responding - or probably going to respond.|Ricky|Rood|Meteorologist| |[[|Graham Readfearn ]]|Australian based (ex UK) journalist, who writes for The Guardian, DeSmogBlog and other media.|Graham|Readfearn|.| |[[|Greg Laden's Blog ]]|US based scientist and author, Greg's blog is topical with several articles a week. Read it often.|Greg|Laden|Biological anthropologist, Science communicator| |[[|Hot Topic ]]|New Zealand author and climate activist Gareth Renowden. Dogged and perceptive, with a good sense of humour.|Gareth|Renowden|.| |[[|HotWhopper ]]|Replacing wacky climate conspiracy theories with science. Lots of snark and poking fun at the ridiculous.|.|Sou|.| |[[|Idiot Tracker ]]|Demolishing pseudo science, with analytical precision and a quirky sense of humour.|.|Idiot Tracker|.| |[[|Ingenious Pursuits]]|Catmando's blog has "//interesting bits of science that I come across, some opinions, advice and the like"// | |Catmando|Scientist| |[[|Isaac Held's Blog ]]|Great resource for people interested in climate modeling. Some maths an advantage.|Isaac|Held|Climate scientist (modeling)| |[[|James' Empty Blog]]|The blog of climate scientists Julia Hargreaves and James Annan. Interesting articles interspersed with some terrific photographs.|James & Jules|Annan|Climate scientists| |[[|Jules' klimaatblog]]|A view from Belgium on climate change and pseudo-skepticism. Going since June 2008. (Mostly in Dutch.)|Jules| | | |[[|KlimaLounge]]|Stefan Rahmstorf's blog (in German). Stefan is a core team member at [[|]].|Stefan|Rahmstorf|Climate scientist, oceanographer| |[[|Met Office News Blog ]]|The blog of the UK Met Office.|.|UK Met Office|Meteorologist| |[[|Michael Mann on Facebook]]|Michael Mann often has several updates a day on his Facebook page. His articles touch on new research, climate science in general and climate politics. Michael is a core team member at [[|]].|Michael E.|Mann|Climate scientist| |[[|More Grumbine Science ]]|Robert Grumbine's blog about climate science has thoughtful articles that go beyond straight science.|Robert|Grumbine|Climate scientist| |[[|Musings on Quantitative Palaeoecology]]|Richard Telford's blog with in depth articles about ecology and paleoenvironments.|Richard|Telford|Paleo-ecologist| |[[|My view on climate change]]|Bart Verheggen's blog - depth articles on various topics relating to climate change. He also writes about his new publications. Consistently high quality. Posts in English and in Dutch.|Bart|Verheggen|Climate scientist| |[[|New Anthropocene ]]|Moth's blog about climate, politics and society from an Australian perspective.|.|Moth|.| |[[|Nick Stokes at Moyhu ]]|Nick tells you everything you need to know about temperature of the surface and air. Another Australian.|Nick|Stokes|Physicist| |[[|OcaSapiens]]|Science writer Sylvie Coyaud's blog at D - La Repubblica. In Italian.|Sylvie|Coyaud| | |[[|Only In It For The Gold ]]|Michael Tobis' blog about climate, plus. Challenging your view of the world whatever it may be.|Michael|Tobis|Climate scientist, computer scientist| |[[|Open Mind ]]|Tamino will help you learn about statistics, particularly as applied to temperature, sea level, ice and more.|.|Tamino|Statistician| |[[|Quark Soup]]|David Appell is a freelance science journalist with a background in physics. He has been blogging about climate since 2006.|David|Appell| | |[[|Rabett Run ]]|Eli Rabett talks about climate and climate politics. Now has a team of regular contributors. Enjoy the musical interludes, too.|Eli|Rabett|Chemist| |[[|Real Skeptic ]]|Occasional articles from Collin Maessen, who is part of the SkepticalScience team and has produced many of their videos.|Collin|Maessen|.| |[[|RealClimate]]|The Number One website for climate discussions, run by leading climate scientists from the USA and Europe.|Gavin|Schmidt|Climate scientists| |[[|Rocky Rex's Science Stuff]]|Very good articles about climate change, explaining the science for the layperson.| |Rocky Rex| | |[[|Shaping Tomorrow's World]]|Excellent source of information about what makes us tick, with some very interesting articles on denial of science and conspiracy theorising.|Stephan|Lewandowsky|Cognitive scientist| |[[|Significant Figures by Peter Gleick]]|Peter Gleick's blog has a focus on science and policy of water, energy, food, and climate.|Peter|Gleick|Climate scientist, hydrology researcher| |[[|Skeptical Science]]|The go-to source for answers to the memes from science deniers. Denier memes are listed and responses are written at three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.|John|Cook|Communications scientist| |[[|Sophie C. Lewis]]|Sophie Lewis will give you insight into the life of a climate scientist early-ish in her career. Beautifully written.|Sophie|Lewis|Climate scientist| |[[|Stoat]]|Sometimes outrageous, usually outspoken and sure to get you thinking about climate - the science, the policy, the economics - and rowing.|William|Connolley|Climate scientist, computer scientist| |[[|teachingfuturescientists]]|Learn about statistics - a new series of classes in statistics, particularly how they are applied to things like temperature charts and sea level etc. [[|Lesson 1 starts here.]]|.|Tamino|Statistician| |[[|Unfinished Progress]]|A new climate blog by writer DC Petterson.|DC|Petterson|.| |[[|Variable Variability]]|Quality articles from scientist Victor Venema. His articles on [[|homogenisation]] are often cited, such as [[|this one on the Time of Observation Bias]] (TOB).|Victor|Venema|Climate scientist (homogenisation)| |[[|What'sUpWithThatWatts, et al.]]|A quirky blog that has in-depth articles challenging the disinformation put out by climate science deniers.|.|Citizen's Challenge|.| </sortable> \\